American Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (AIIR)

American Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (AIIR)

American Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (AIIR) 501©(3)

The purpose of AIIR is to build a bridge between research and action on the ground to link academic research and community involvement to better promote people’s well-being. Through research, academic involvement, and community development initiatives, we foster behavior change and transform systems to achieve outcomes for the people we serve. Our vision is that scholars and communities inform and strengthen each other through research to improve human capital formation to sustain growth and social justice.

We are problem solvers providing independent services to governments, private firms, schools, and nonprofit organizations. Our multidisciplinary nature allows us to promptly put together diverse researchers to tackle problems from multiple directions. We are currently communicating with academic institutions all over the nation to encourage American educational systems to become solutions to societal problems.

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We are an organization that provides services that build capacity, facilitate policy change, and enhance workforce competencies.

We conduct scientifically rigorous research by applying our expertise in research design, data collection, and quantitative and qualitative analysis to determine program effectiveness and identify best practices. Our evaluations provide concrete and practical recommendations to align and improve programs, systems, and work processes.

At AIIR, we use data analytics to provide strategies to improve the economic well-being and social justice of people in a variety of ways locally, nationally, and globally. Traditional and non-traditional data sources are used in data analytics to identify patterns, trends, and relationships to solve social issues by taking advantage of a wide variety of existing data sources. We discover meaning and value in data to solve critical research questions, support evidence-based decision-making, and understand observable behavior and social action systems.

We also provide mentoring, coaching, tutoring, and scholarships to U.S. students, specifically STEM scholars, given their pivotal influence in society to help them succeed in their academic journeys. We then follow along with their progress and, throughout or upon completion of their studies, help them build and grow their own businesses through managerial consultancy. To these students and other professionals, AIIR provides research-based financial and administrative advice and marketing strategies and gives them exposure to acquiring an effective labor force, ensuring the sustainability of their business.