TBA Accounting Student Scholarship Program

Dallas College CPA Certificate students who have completed at least 15 semester hours of upper-level accounting toward the award and meet other requirements specified on the linked application are eligible to apply for annual scholarship dollars.

To apply, students must complete the first section of the application and then send it to Accounting Chair Dawson at RahsaanDawson@DallasCollege.edu who will complete the second section and then forward it on to Scholarships@DallasCollege.edu for final processing and selection to the extent that funds exist.

Important: A student who receives an award from the TBA Accounting Student Scholarship Program and who does not take at least one section of the CPA examination administered by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy within three years of submitting the Application of Intent is required to reimburse the Board, on demand, for all funds the student received from this scholarship program.